Jay Z ‘Made in America’ Documentary – Directed by Ron Howard

Budweiser Made in America Festival is an annual two-day event held in Philadelphia, that was started by Jay Z and Steve Stoute in 2012. This 90-minute film by Ron Howard documents that first festival.

The festival attracted over 80,000 fans and featured performances from Skrillex, Pearl Jam, Jay Z, Drake, Passion Pit and Run DMC just to name a few.

The documentary offers some insight into Jay Z, who has only recently become vocal through media outlets, how he works, conceptualizes, and what this event means to him. I think the point of this show was to provide financial and cultural stimulation for America. I think Ron Howard was able to capture that sentiment and did a great job creating a narrative for something that may have otherwise been just another concert DVD.


The Toronto-based trio, who recently preformed at the Pyramid as a part of TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival, released a single today entitled Hedron. The band will be embarking on a European tour from June 29 – July 19. You can download the new track HERE and see the full European dates after the cut. Continue reading

Video: Rosenberg Interviews Earl Sweatshirt

In what I think may be the first video interview of Earl Sweatshirt since his “return” Rosenberg talks to the OFWGKTA member about the real reasons for his absence, what it’s like being back and as usual hilarity ensues. My favorite quote has to be Taco’s “I don’t even do shit”. Also where’s Ciph in all this? A true Juan Ep these dudes would be huge.

Video: Rella – Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator

The first video released off of the upcoming project from OFWGKTA, OF Tape Vol 2, is for a track called Rella that sees Hodgy busting through a brick wall and busting laser nuts on helpless white girls turning them to cats, Domo in a red turtle neck slapping whoevers in sight and Tyler the Creator Minotaur snorting a mound of white. Classy.