Video: ?uestlove Speaks on The Intricacy of Blackstar’s “Little Brother”

Blackstar recently got on Fallon to perform a couple tracks, one of which has ?uesto reminicing on how Dilla actually crafted the beat. I can’t explain it as well and as entertaining as The Roots funky drummer so click play above for an interesting story.

Video: The Roots Perform The Other Side on Fallon

The house band took the stage on Jimmy’s Late Night to perform a cut from their incredibly dope 13th album, undun with a little help from Bilal and Greg Porn. In other Roots news, it’s now said that NBC will be screening the songs that ?uesto and the crew play, be it for performances or just guest segways. The reason being the other night when Fallon introduced presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann the group proceeded to play a tune by the name of Lyin’ass Bitch by Fishbone. Hilarious to me, she didn’t seem to think so though.